Atlantis in its roots a neolithic *Sparta*  in the 
                       Bronce Age North

 The following considerations are based on the assumption
1.)  Double spirals are
symbols of the annual sun course.

2.)  The Dark Ages are caused by a cosmic catastrophy.

Spanuth  argues  that around  1200 b. the  major  upheavals  in   Europe-Near
 East were  caused  by a  cosmic  catastrophy, the ´comet´  Phaeton.  Thereby -
 among others - in  the North a  three  years lasting winter occured .

The Fimbulwinter in the
EDDA forcing the Northerners / Dorian to leave their

                    homeland, primarily to survive not to occupy other countries.
                            (The northern homeland is said to be Atlantis)
                                 What  mortals will live when the great Fimbulwinter ends                                                                                                                                                     Edda,Vafthrudnismal 4


Hypothesis: Could  be that the course of the Phaeton was depicted on the ceramic                of the Dorian and Philistine after arriving Greece around 1000 BC

                                                                  .Normal double spirals
                                          b c

a)  Rock carving. Oestergotland. Bronze Age
b) Ionic capital 500 b.
*Ionic column* in the Crypt of Zeitz. North Germany (10th century)

These *Ionic*  double spirals  are numerously proven in the Bronce Age of Central and Northern Europe and

Iit is true  that  spirals are symbols  of the normal annual  sun course then logically
that ´defect´ spirals may point to an ´unnormal´ sun course.

                                      ´Defect  Ionic double spirals´


 a,b ) Defect  spirals  of  the Dorian  in Greece .(Deger)
Defect spirals of the Philistine supposed to be the main tribe of the
        Sea People  
These * defect Ionic columns * are  otherwise  not proven. They are * Unika * of
Dorier and Philistine.

Hypothesis:   An asteroid - some  *km*  in  diameter - caused   the  FLOOD,  the
leon tide, the Ragnaroek and Fimbulwinter in the Edda. (A matter of physics)

the Dark Ages a memory of the catastrophy may have survived  for a  short time

The ´defect ´sun course´ appeared on the Dorian and Philistine ceramics in Greek

and  Palestine
Centuries  later  *normal  double  spirals*  at   the  capitals of  Ionic

Defect   spirals´ an  archaeological   key  to  the  Phaeton in  the story of  Atlantis ?
At least the cause of the European upheavals during the Urnfield time? The reason
of  the Dark  Ages?  If so,  how  to  explain  these  given  ´defect´  figures ? Did the
really believe  that the sun or something like  a glowing  body  circling along
sky moving from WEST to EAST?



So far at least more or less a speculation but what about the Phaeton handed down
by Platon ? (360 B.C (Timaios 22)
* even with you an old tradition survied, after which Helios's son Phaeton -ages ago-
destroyed  everything by  fire, until a lightning  killed  him. He had tried, it is said, to steer  the  sun  car  of  his  father  was  however unable to keep it on the prescribed course.The  whole  looks  like  a myth   and  has  nevertheless  a true background: A changed  movement  of  the heavenly body circling around the earth and a large fire  resulting from it and the  destruction of  everything that is present on earth, by much fire, which occurs after large periods."


                                                         A calculation

                                           Around  1200 b. something  happpend linked with

1.)  Fire  (burning the Libyan)
2.)  RAIN (Flood, Deucaleon )

:"In the first place the Acropolis was not as now. For the fact is that a
night of  excessive rain washed  away the earth and laid  bare the rock;at the
time there were earthquakes, and then occurred the extraordinary inundation" (s.P.S.)
3.)  DARKNESS (Bible, Egypt,Edda)

4.)  Drought

5.)  In the North a Long Winter ( Edda,Fimbulwinter)


Likely  that these  events  had a common physical origin. For example: If a FLOOD comes down from the sky, then  corresponding  amounts of water have to be evaporated at short time  before. Conceivable  that  the  needed  enormous energy is of cosmic origin, the impact  of an  Asteroid. (If not cosmic what terrestrial source supposed to be?)

If  this  considerations  are  correct, then  the Phaeton had to ´heat´parts of the world before crashing on earth´s surface . Maybe a usefull  fun to follow the FLOOD with  Ekin = M x V 2/ 2

Problem:An asteroid crashing on/in earth in straight line  will pass the atmosphere within seconds. Thereby no time to heat greater parts of the atmosphere.No time to evaporate the water masses needed for a FLOOD, no time to burn the Libyan. Looks like the end of science-spaced speculations,(assumed that even gods needs energy to evarporate water)  but there is a helpful reference. Plinius  (Nat.Hist.II, 92)

"A terrible comet was observed at that time by the population of  Ethiopia and Egypt, the Typhoon, the king of its time, who gave the name. It was wound  by fiery feature and  like a spiral  and it was to be looked at very  ferocious. It was not so much a star as something that one could perhaps call a fiery ball "

Compareable Pharao Sethos II (1216-1210 b) (Ermann)
"A star appeared and is called Sekhmet at that time.
It was a  circling star, which
 scattered its fire in flames,
a fire flame in its storm "  (emph. edit)    
                                 These data allow a physical  speculation

                                            After Plinius and Sethos
 a circling *fire  ball*  forming a glowing spiral.

That is to say that the ´asteroid´ had to rotate by itself  to   throw out  glowing                                  ´rocks´  and thereby forming - for a viewer on earth-   a spiral.


The effect of rotation could  prolong the course of  the asteroid. The reason:The asteroid with multiple speed of sound  comes into tangential contact with the outer layers of the atmosphere. Thus in  front of  the asteroid develops a layer of extremely compressed heated air.The asteroid starts to rotate. By  rotation  the greater part of this ´front-plasma´  becomes  led  beneath  the asteroid and earth surface. Here the plasma * gas pressure* works  explosivly against the gravitational  forces. Thus time and  crash course of the Phaeton becomes prolonged.


                          This in mind back to Atlantis and Pheaton

The principal sources of the legend of Atlantis are two of  Plato's  dialogues,Timaios and  Kritias. In the former, Plato  describes  how  Egyptian  priests, in  conversation with the  Athenian law  giver Solon  (640-559 b.), described  Atlantis as  an island  larger  than Asia Minor and Libya combined, and situated just beyond the Pillars of Hercules  (the Straits of Gibraltar ) Kritias

The story crosses over into Timaeus, a more historically-minded side of the story in which Plato reiterates the state's efficacy as having 'genuine history', and being within the 'realm of fact'. This Atlantis is portrayed as the antithesis of the 'perfect' Athenian society, and attempts to conquer Athens as it spreads mercilessly eastwards. Plato describes a mighty battle between the two superpowers which the Atlanteans lose, of course. Upon their devastating defeat, the island is beset by a deluge of natural disasters: “

The Phaeton is mentioned, in order to explain,  why  Solon ( 640-559 b..) can´t remember as  an Athenian  the  history of Athen, because in  long  periods again turning  disasters  destroys  with  fire and  water humans and  memories .At  the Nile  these disasters can´ t develop because the water comes from the Nile and not from above as sudden  loudburst. Therefore climatically unimpaired  the  Egyptian priests have documents and memories going far back .

           After Critias it was Solon who brought a "forgotten" story back to Greece .
                                Problem :   A forgotten story still known in Greece.

* even with you an old tradition survied, after  which Helios's son Phaeton -ages  ago - destroyed  everything by fire, until a lightning killed him. He had  tried, it is said, to steer  the  sun car  of  his  father  was however unable to keep it on the pre  scribed course.The whole looks like a myth and has nevertheless a true  background: A changed movement of a heavenly body circling around  the  earth and a large fire arose from it  destructing of  everything that is present on earth, by much fire, which occurs after large periods."

Remarkably, “
even with you an old tradition survied, ”-- Phaeton´s history still alive in            Athen´s tells?  In its origin not based on the report of Solon ?

Aristoteles 1.8  (350 b ) Let us now explain the origin, cause, and nature of the milky  way. And here  too let us begin by discussing the statements of others on  the subject. (1) Of the so-called Pythagoreans some say that this is the path of one of the stars that fell from heaven at  the time of Phaeton's  downfall. Others say  that the sun used once to move in this circle and that this region was scorched or met with some other affection of this kind, because of the sun and its motion


Problem                      :What was still known in Greece about
                                        the Dark Ages and the Dorien past ?

Critias describes the origin, political structure and the moral fall of Atlantis The incomplete report of Atlantis ends with a threat of the Zeus:

"Zeus, the god of  gods, who  rules according to law, and is  able to  see into  such things, perceiving that an honourable race was in a woeful plight, and wanting to inflict punishment on them, that they might be chastened and improve, collected all the gods into their most holy habitation, which, being placed in the centre of the world, beholds all created things.And when he had called them together, he spoke
as follows------"


                  *defect* sun course of the Dorier c.1200 b. Phaeton ?

Assumption: Zeus wanted to punish but not to exterminate the   fallen Atlantian, thus                 the *punished*are still alive being engaged in the Peleponnei war.

The Atlantis report being part of the cultural memory of a meanwhile relatively small Doric-Spartan upperclass  losing in strength more and  more? A  story activated  for  political reasons in  the time of  the  Peleponnei war  between  Sparta and  Athen ? (431-404 b)
Critias  became -supported by  the Spartan winner of  the  war -one  of  the Tyrants in defeated Athen


                                        May be look at first sight a little bit beside
                Atlantis in its roots a neolithic *Sparta*  in the  Bronce Age North
 In its origin a centre of a megalithic North-Culture ?

                Megalithicic roots  in  Stonehenge and Platon´s Atlantis / Sparta?

Critias. " In this mountain there dwelt one of the earth born primeval men of that country, whose  name  was Evenor, and  he had  a wife named  Leucippe, and  they had  an only daughter who was  called Cleito. The maiden had already reached womanhood, when her father and mother died; Poseidon fell  in love with  her and  had  intercourse  with  her,   ----------He also begat and brought up five pairs of twin male children; and dividing the island of Atlantis into ten portions, he gave to the first-born of the eldest pair his mother's dwelling and the surrounding  allotment, which was the largest and best, and  made him king  over the rest; the  others he made princes, and gave them rule over many men, and a large territory."

  five demigod twins
                            Stonehenge with its five  central *Double stones*
                         bordered by a ditch separating  Stonehenge from the rest of the world ?
                                        Stonehenge in its roots symbolizing the primeval hill ?
                                          End of Stonehenge during the urnfieled time ? (1300-750 b )
                      primeval hills`?

Step Pyramid Djoser 2700 b Dolmen Sylt, Denghoog 2600-2200 b
with fluted columns


                                          Marathon 490 b                                      Thracian c.500 b                                                                                                                                                                         (Bulgaria)

European mounds appear in Greece at the time of ´Homer´ 800 b. Odyssee  11/70 , Ilias 23/250, but unknown in Mycenae. (Pyramids are symbols of the primeval hill) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 

Phaeton causing * Rain and the Flood*.

Critias.112a " In the first place the Acropolis was not as now. For the fact is that a single night of excessive rain washed away the earth and laid bare the rock;"

Some drill  cores  east of Tiryns ( Peleponnes,  Mycenae)  showed, simple several meters thick loamy sediments.--------Sediments with no stratification.,which suggested  that only  one  catastrophic flood event formed the uniform loamy deposits.--------------In this up to five meter thick unstratified layers ceramic(s)  pieces  of  broken  glass were found..“

(End of the palace period (SHIIIB2), Troia VIIB around 1200 v.Chr.) Zangger, E. Atlantis 1992, S.119)


Deger-Jalkotzy,Siegrid (Hg)  *Das dunkle Zeitalter Kleinasiens. Griechenland, die
                        Ägäis und die Levante während der ´Dark Ages`,1983 *
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