Stonehenge and Poseidon´s five pairs of twins
                                                                                                     Dieter Braasch

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"Gerald   Hawkins,  purported  that  Stonehenge is  a complicated computer
for pre
dicting  lunar  and of solarly eclipses.This speculations, however.have
been severely
criticised  by  most  Stonehenge  archaeolists.  "Most of what
has  been   written   about
  Stonehenge  is  nonsense  or speculation", said
R.J.C. Atkinson, archaeolist from
 the  University college, Cardiff.   "No one
wants more  ever
have a clue what its significance was."(Could be, but ------ -:)

              The  56  Aubrey holes (Hawkins 3 x 18.61 = 55.83 a deviation of 0.3 %):

                              Atlantis - Stonehenge decoded  


     supposed Helgolandr   as the cente of Atlantis, and
                            refers to  close  conjunctions with Stonehenge

You will probably hardly go wrong supposing the five huge Trilithons as "high-seat                                      pillars" of the five forefather-twins (Ahnen-Zwillinge)

                                (Jürgen Spanuth    Die Atlanter,  p. 427, 1965)


                                       A prehistoric mainstream Problem

            Atlantis , Helgoland and Stonehenge are located in the area of
                                    NW-European  megalithic to
                                     Part of a northern  Megalith Culture ?


                                                  Denghoog, Sylt /   ~2600-2200 v.

                                   The area of the western Baltic Sea

              ~ 350 Vollgriffschwerter (full handle)  (1600-1000 b.)

             An unique  worldwide cluster of bronze swords


                         Likely to assume a ´megalithic  North-Culture.    
   Only a marginal culture, far away from the High-Cultures in Egypt and Sumer ?
                                  Thus, so far no need to comment about ?

  Platon, Timaios- Kritias 113 d. reports  the story of the beginning of Atlantis.

" In  this mountain  there dwelt one  of the  earth primeval men of that  country,
whose  name  was  Evenor,  and  he  had  a
wife named  Leucippe, and  they
had  an  only 
daughter   who   was  called
 Cleito.  The  maiden  had  already 
reached  womanhood, when  her
 andf her mother died; Poseidon fell
 in love with  her and  had  intercourse  with 

-------------------He also begat and brought up five  pairs  of  twin  male  children;
dividing the island   of Atlantis  into  ten  portions,  he  gave  to the first-born of
the  eldest  pair  his  mother's  dwelling  and  the surrounding  allotment, which
was the largest and best, and  made  him 
king  over  the  rest;  the  others  he

made princes, and gave them rule over many men, and
a large territory."

                       ---- The name of the first king was  Atlas. -----



          Ancient nobility ,6.7 m         High nobility ,4.3 m

             In the centre  Poseidon´s five pairs of twin male children

Symbol of the twins: Two long stones (menhirs) ' coubled ´  by  a  capstone.
                                    Demigods forming an ancient nobility.

Surrounded by an outer  ring of tombstones of the descendants. Menhirs in
form and size ´coequal´ to the twin-symbol.
´Coubled ´  like the twin-stones
by  horizontal capstones.
(Forming a closed ring. A horizon  gods  were born)

Even the reference to a megalithic Poseidon could make sense.  Because
throughout in  the  world wide ´megalithic area´ seaworthy vessels  plaid  a
significant  role.
Tthe solar boat with ferryman in the North , Sumer (Gilgamesch) and Egypt


             Spiral        Pharaoh Cheops    2600 b.                        Oseberg   with spiral (Norway) 800
                                 Stonehenge  I         ~3000 b.

At the time of Stonehenge I,  Pharaoh  Cheops ordered  his  boat to cross the Winding Waterway and thereby to reach the horizon.

 The run-up  rear  and stern  is  typical  for  the Viking even 3000 years.

                                                  Megalithic Culture  ?

                             Stonehenge, Atlantis  and Egypt

(Kritias 119 d-e)  At alternate intervals of five and six years the 10 kings of Atlantis met in the temple of Poseidon to consult on matters of government and to administer justice. During this meeting a strange ritual was enacted. After offering up prayers to the gods, the kings were required to hunt bulls, which roamed freely within the temple, and to capture one of them for sacrifice, using only staves and nooses.

The captured animal was led to a bronze column in the temple, on which the laws of Atlantis were inscribed, and was slain so that its blood ran over the sacred inscription. After further ceremony, the kings partook of a banquet and when darkness fell they wrapped themselves in beautiful dark-blue robes, sitting in a circle they gave their judgments, which were recorded at daybreak on tablets of gold.


                          Tempel Sethos I (1304-1290  b.) Abydos

The kings in Atlantis and the Pharaohs in Egypt had to catch a bull ´armed´ only with a stave and noose.The prince assisted father by pulling the bull on the tail.     Noteable the sacrifice of the bull in Atlantis on a column



Problem A  technical and religious  take over of a more common
                                  > european cultural  background <?

atlantis-stonehenge  10.7.09


The Silbury Hill reference article from the English Wikipedia on 24-Jul-2004

Other recent work has focused on the role of the surrounding ditch
 which may not have been a simple source of chalk for the hill but

                         a purposeful water-filled barrier placed
                        between the hill and the rest of the world.

It would be dangerous to extrapolate too much from a few, unfinished lines in one author’s treatise of a lost civilisation. Nor do we know all that much about Stonehenge and Avebury. But what we do know, is that both monuments (Stonehenge and Avebury )  seemed to have been sites of burial and ancestor worship. We know that they were located in a very prosperous “hub” of Neolithic Britain – a true civilisation, even though many historians still refuse to label it the
                                        “megalithic civilisation”.
Dare we to suggest that when the plans for this new centre were drawn, that – somehow – its designers had access to the same information Plato consulted, and that they built “the Wiltshire Oval” based on Atlantis? Most archaeologist adhere to isolationist stances, but it is a fact – as Leary highlighted above – that Stonehenge and Avebury were built at a time when Britain was influenced by European cultures.

Could these cultures have introduced the concept of a lost civilisation, which the budding Wiltshire economy then incorporated in its building plans?