Dolmen, Salomo´s temple and the
GILGA - stone- circle in Palestine



                    It is said that in Salomon's tempel had been:                                                                                                      

  1.)  Two columns with floral capitals,
  2.)  Kettles on four wheels 
  3.)  A chariot of the sun pulled by horses.

Problem  I: These  ritual  objects  present  itself  as  an  alien  in  biblical
 research (Spanuth)

Problem II:  Kettle  on  wheels and  a  sun-car are proven in Mid-Europe within the  Bronze   Age;   years   before Salomo.  Thereby  conceivable that refering to these objects  in  the Bible  may point to imigrants   from the North,at  least about 1200 BC  the  Sea-People and Philistines


                                   Kettle on wheels

    c d

     A)   c) Bronze kettle .Altintepe, Ankara 800 b.
d) Bronze kettle on a four wheels car with bird heads (swans?).                      (Mid-Germany) around 1200 b.
e).Skallerup,  Denmark,  late  Bronze Age. In  the kettle ash of a                      fire  funeral.
 b)    Coin , 3th c. BC, Sidon

     c)    Kettle car, Cyprus (Zwickel)
   Cyprus. Cauldron. At the top edge concentric sun-disks connec-
            ted  by tangents.
/Compareable to the solar disk of Tundholm. Denmark



1 King 7:27 He also made ten  bronze movable stands. Each stand was
six feet long, six feet wide, and  four-and-a-half feet high.
7:30  Each  stand  had  four  bronze  wheels with  bronze axles  and  four supports.-------
7:35  On  top of  each  stand  was  a  round  opening  three-quarters of a foot deep.

        1 King 7,15  He made  two bronze pillars; each pillar as twenty-seven feet
         high and 
eighteen feet in circumference.

7:20   On  the  top of  each  pillar, right above the bulge beside  the  lattice-
        work,  there were
two hundred pomegranate-shaped ornaments arranged
         in rows all the way around.

  The tops of the pillars were shaped like lilies. So the  construction of
        the pillars
  was completed. (Lilies ~ Spirals ? pomegranate =  floral capitell ?)
                The  meaning of  the  two  columns
*Jachin and Boas* is still disputed.


The  bronze pillars and the kettle were made  by  order of  King Salomo.
                            later on removed by order of King                           Josia

King 23,4 And the king commanded -----,to bring forth out of the temple of the LORD all the vessels that were made for Baal.
23,14: And he broke in pieces the images, and cut down  the groves, and filled their places with the bones of men. 

Chariot of the sun (Trundholm, Denmark 1400 BC

23,11 And he took away the horses  that  the kings of  Judah  had  given to the sun, at the entering of  the house of the LORD, -------- and burned  the chariots of  the  sun with fire.


May be helpfull to connect culturally NORTH and SOUTH  by  looking upon
megalithic dolmen


a.) The Dolmen of Lehmsieck. Schleswig-Holstein  NorthGermany 
b.) The "bed" of the king Og (Dtn 3.11) Aman/Jordanien
c.) Palestina, al-Murayghat, some encirceld by a stone circle.
   Early Bronze Age 


Hypothesis: About the 5th to 3th  millennium  BC. megalithic monuments
originated  in  North-West  Europa 
At least  since the 4th  millennium BC
Northerners reached the  eastern   Mediterranean  area.  An  assumption

stongly  supported  by  
biology (Rickets, blond) .Since the 4th to 3th   millen-
the Tamahu with fair hair become provable in Egypt.

About 1000 years later in the 3th  millennium  thousands of  dolmen were
built in Palestine being comparable in form and size to  those  in northern
 Europe. Supposed  to  be  symbols of an  old ´European´ natural religion.

I.e. there could  have been a cultural link between the dolmen in Palestine
and the  northern  Megalithicans.  Gradually leavng the harsh North, migra-

ting southwards  since  the  Mesolithicum;  primarily  going by  boat  down

the  rivers, at least down the Danube.  In historical  times  the  Dorian and

the Sea- People around 1200 BC.

This  in mind. Salomo gave  order  to  Hiram  the  King of Tyrus  to  built  a
Tyrus  was  a  major  Phoenician  seaport  from  about  2000  BC
through  the Roman period.

Obviously at the  time of Salomo the relation  between  the Iraelite and the

nonisraeltite appeared to be friendly  (1 King 5,15 ) Could be that  religion

was at this time not a matter of conflict.

 Conceivable  that  at  least  in  the 2th  millennium B.C. in  Palestine kettle
on wheels, columns with a floral  capital und  sun chariots pulled by horses

had been ritual objects in temples of the Dolmen builder. In this ´megalithic´

surrounding   the  Biblical  legend  of Salomo's  temple  grew.
May be that

later on  with growing populations religion became an instrument of power

between Post- Megalthican and Israelite.

Facit:   Archeological  findings  may  support  the  view that there could be
a relation  between  the  so  far supposed   temple  of Salomon -  build  by 
order of
Salomon to  the  Phoenician  Hiram - and  a religion  of   dolmen-


                                    So far Salomon´s  Temple.

New in the discussion, a combination of the Himmelsscheibe
(Sky Disc
,Nebra) with Gilgal stone circle on the Golan Heights.
            Admittedly, at first glance a little bit "questionable", but ......


     Himmelsscheibe  (Nebra)        The GILGAL Stone Crircle (Golan Hight)
          Germany ~1500 BC                                         http://www.

Problem :       The HImmelsscheibe  and the GILGAL circle  
                both with  a ~90º sector
in the outer rim of a stone crcle.

The  Himmelsscheibe  (sky  disk) is  supposed  to  symbolize  the earth  as
a flat disk.The outer rim  being  the horizon  showing  two  marked  sections
an angle  of 82 degree. (A -D) -(B-C) . The  exact  run  of   the  sun
 winter -  summer  solstice in  Midgermany. At  the  bottom  a boat
to be the sun barque.The disk may by a symbol of a Northern sun

                                  The  circle  in Palestine is  named                                                                                                             Gilgal 


In 1968 Professor Yonathan Mizrahi of the Department of Anthropology at Harvard
University and Prof. Anthony Aveni of Colgate University  discovered  that  in  3000
BCE,  the first rays of the summer solstice would have appeared directly through the
northeast  opening as seen from the central tumulus. At the same time, the  southeast
opening  provided a direct view of Sirius http://www.

The Himmelsscheibe and  the  GILGAL circle  is surrounded by numerous
megalithic  dolmen.
   Likely  to  assume  that even  the GILGAL circle is of
 megalithic origin.
(Dorian- Phlistine ?)


                                                      May be the key

 A   supposed   underlying  religious  background  in  North  and  South,
         How to get over a deadly water separating human and gods.?

       Kosmos                                  Cheops 2500 BC                      Oseberg, Norway 800
 Spiral                                                Spiral

1,)      Egypt coffin text 62   I have cause  you  to cross  the  Waterway  of  the  Sky
           Windows,  to cross  the lake and  traverse  the  sea  (with)  the  sole of the
           foot  as
if you  performe on  and land (Coffin text ~1650-1450)

2.)     Sumer Gilgamesh became desperate because seeing worms in the face
  his deceased friend  Enkidu. 

" will I  not  even  embed  and  not  get up in the duration of eternity? "
He  is  desperate   and  asks  for   a  life  after death. He  wanders through
steppes  and over seas. He finally comes to the Schenkin Siduri,
          'Because she lives in  seclusion  of  the  sea'. He  asks  her  "You lives, my
          Schenkin, on the shores of the sea. Therefore knows you know,  your heart
          encompasses everything.
          Wherever I shall go tell me; If it is possible, I want to pass the seas

         The Schenkin said to him, to Gilgamesh:
         "Never, Gilgamesh, there has been a  transition  point  and  nobody, since
  last time comes, goes over the sea. "

3.)     Joshua 3

and  the  priests who  were  carrying  the Ark stood  on  dry  ground  in  the
middle of the Jordan
and waited as all the people passed by."

4.)      Matthäus 14,2514.25

But in the fourth night vigil Jesus came to them and went on the lake.

26 And when the men saw him on  the  high seas, they were shocked and
cried: It's a ghost  and cried from fear.

5.)     Gilgal                    When  the  Israeli on  their way  from  Egypt to  the promised  land Canaan
they had at  least to  pass the river Jordan.  It was  the harvest  season and
                                       the Jordan was overflowing all its banks.

                   Again the  Problem : How to pass  a water obstacle.

Joshua [3] said to the people, Sanctify  yourselves: for to  morrow  the
                               LORD will do wonders among you.

"Suddenly, far up the river at the city of Adam,  the water  began  piling up as
though against a dam!  And the water below that point flowed on to the Dead
Sea until the riverbed was  empty.
Then all the people crossed at a spot where  the river was close to the city of
Jericho, and the priests who were carrying the Ark
stood on dry ground in the
middle of the Jordan
and waited as all the people passed by."

19 And the people came up  out of Jordan on  the tenth day of the first month,
and encamped in Gilgal, in the east border of Jericho.

           And those twelve stones, which they took out of Jordan,
                                      did Joshua pitch in

 21 And he spake unto the children of Israel, saying, When your children shall
ask their fathers in time to come, saying, What mean these stones?
22 Then they shall let your children know, saying, Israel came over this Jordan
on dry land. 23 For the LORD your God  dried  up  the  waters of Jordan  from
before  you,  until they  were  passed over,

                         as the LORD  your God did  to the
                                             Red sea, (Sea Reeds)
he dried up from before us,
                               until we were gone over:

The key for understanding a link between the two stone
circles    could  be  a ´common´ ancient   wide   spread
basic problem.

       A deadly water  separating humans from God


Facit :
                   In the background  the "European" ferryman idea.
                          How do I get over a "deadly " water ?

Spanuth, J.     Die Atlanter 1976  Die Philister, ein unbekanntes Volk 1980
Zwickel, W     Der salomonische Tempel 1999
1- dolmen-salomon-tempel 04.12.03 neu


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The summit of an originally northern sun religion ?

GILGAL   http://www.ccg.org/_domain/ccg.org/Creation%20Articles/Circle%20of%20the%20Refaim.htm