The geographical isolation of the                                                         western Baltic Sea

            and the origin of the Post-Magdalénian-Proto German

During the last Ice Age the temperature in northern Europe was about 7-8
lower than today. About 12000 years ago temperature rose and
the ice cap in the
north of Europe began to melt

          . Brockhaus

The  southern border of the Scandinavean´  inland  ice 12000-10000  BC.
The interrupted line covers the area of the Central European Magdalénien

                                                                                        Magdalénian Culure (15000-9000 BC )

The  Central European  tundra  retreated  slowly towards  north. Along the
and in  Southern France developed first clear forests. Birch, coni-
ferous trees and
 hazelbush  spread. The  gradually  expanding  forests in 
Central  Europe   forces
  animal  and   hunter  to  follow  the  back-yielding
tundra on to the north.

The Magdalénian reindeer hunters had to adapt to new living conditions
and in
  Europe developed  two ´new´ cultures.

1.) Mid-Europe the LBK-Culture. (Corded Ware Culture)              Farmer
2.) In the North the Trichterbecher Cultur. (Funnel beaker)   Dairy famer

                                        LBK - farming  culture

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Development  of  farming  in  Europe during  the  Mesolithic and Neolithic
represented  by  a   homogenous   pattern  of  settlements   and
material culture, n
amed the LBK Culture  ( Linienbandkeramik  after the
typical pottery decorated  
ith linear bands.)
LBK  not  naturally  related   to  the  neighboring  Megalithic  Area´  of  the
western BalticSea.


                                                                                Nordic Circle  
                                                                             (4100-2700 B.C..)

                                                     ´Nothern Circle                       Schleswig-Holstein                     older Megalith-´Dolmen

The northward  migration of the  Magdalénian  reindeer hunters ended in
a geogra
phical trap. In east  the Baltic Sea, in west  the North Sea and to
the  south  a  virgin
´jungle´ up to  the Alps, at  least life-hostile  for  tundra
                                        A geographical trap              
             along millennia gentically isolated from the rest of the world

Tacitus (4) - as an eye  witness - supports this idea of a genetic isolation"
"For  myself,  I  concur  in  opinion  with  such  as suppose  the  people of
never to have  mingled by  inter-marriages  with  other  nations,
 but to have remained
a people  pure, and i ndependent, and  resembling
 none but themselves".

Modern natural science may support this  view. ( Rickets, Laczases s..later)


In this isolated northern area a typical culture developed,  based on dairy
farming. the    
                          Trichterbecher Culture  (Funnel Beaker)
              (4100-2700 B.C,). the time of the  NW-European Megalithicans.   

                                     Trichterbecher (Funnel Beaker)
At first sight a banally looking question.“What became drunk by the Mega-
lithicans ? ” Milk?" The baby drinking bottle (http babys.bottle )  looks like
a modern bill cup .A necessary daily equipment for dairy farmer ?

The assumptions of a  primarily cattle-economically aligned society in the
North fits the description, given by Tacitus
"It  (the land)  is productive  of  grain, but unfavorable to fruit-bearing trees;
it is rich in flocks and  herds, but  these are for  the  most part  undersized,
and even  the  cattle have not their usual beauty or noble head. It is number
that is chiefly valued; they  are in  fact the  most  highly  prized,  indeed the
only riches of the people"
(23) "  Their food  is of  a simple kind, consisting of  wild fruit, fresh  game,
and curdled milk. They satisfy their hunger  without  elaborate preparation
and without delicacies. 



    In the isolated North post Magdalénian proto-Germans lived along
            millennia genetically isolated from the rest of the world

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nor shall ever be born who shall come to the land of the Phaeacians as
foeman, for we are very dear to the immortals.
  Far off we dwell in the surging sea,  the furthermost of men, and no
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that has come hither. Him must we now tend; for from Zeus are all
strangers and  beggars, and a gift, though small, is welcome. Come, then, my
maidens, give to the stranger food and drink, [210] and bathe him in the river
in a spot  where there is shelter from the wind.”Odyss. Nausikaa)